Cat Hotline (087) 764 4420
Dog Hotline (087) 135 6188

Charity Shops

We are always looking for gently used clothes, handbags, shoes, belts, blankets, curtains, duvet cover and any household items to sell in the shop. Please ring the individual shops to arrange collection or drop-off.

Donegal Town


Monday:   11am – 4pm
Tuesday:   11am – 4pm
Wednesday:   11am – 4pm
Thursday:   11am – 4pm
Friday:   11am – 4pm
Saturday:   11am – 4pm


Contact Donegal Town

Phone: (087) 764 4420
Address: Behind The Diamond in Donegal Town
(across from the Aldi parking lots)



Monday:   10am – 4pm
Tuesday:   10am – 4pm
Wednesday:   10am – 4pm
Thursday:   10am – 4pm
Friday:   10am – 4pm
Saturday:   11am – 5pm


Contact Letterkenny

Phone: (086) 259 2324
Address: Lower Main St,  Letterkenny