COVID-19 Update

Animals In Need CLG Donegal (AIN) are currently operating on an emergency only basis due to the current  pandemic government lockdown. All rehoming has has been suspended til after the transport ban is lifted.
Sadly, along with not being fit to rehome our biggest source of income, our charity shops, are also temporarily closed. This has left us with no income coming in to feed our animals in foster care. Our fosters won’t turn an animals in need away so our numbers are rising all the time. DONATE Now
Kitten season is also just starting and the numbers of kittens in our care is rising all the time. Last year AIN rescued over 1000 animals in Donegal, including 410 dogs who came from the Local Pound or were surrendered by their owners. We expect this year’s figures are going to be even worse, with the number of animals rescued rising and neutering suspended due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Our volunteers and van is on the road rescuing dogs from all around the County and beyond, collecting dogs from the Letterkenny Pound, delivering dogs to various sanctuaries such as the Dogs Trust in Dublin and the Dogs Trust Hub in Leitrim plus collecting unwanted dogs and pups from their owners.
The good news is you can help us to keep on fighting to help the animals of Donegal. AIND are the only Registered Rescue in Donegal who save dogs from the Letterkenny Pound as well as cats throughout the county. A volunteer drives to the Pound every Saturday to rescue unwanted dogs and sometimes twice a week if young pups are left there. Before AIN formed 14 years ago, over a thousand dogs were put down in the Pound annually as there was nowhere for the animals to go.

We have also been saving thousands of cats and kittens, neutering feral cat colonies plus rescuing the occasional duck, rabbit, goat, tortoise, rooster or any other animal in need. We are a 100% voluntary organisation and no-one is paid – ever. Every last cent goes directly into the care of the animals.

AIND also helps people; the elderly, bereaved, those with special needs, single parents, prisoners, victims of domestic violence, those who have lost their homes or had to emigrate in search of work and couldn’t bring their animals with them.

Animals in Need C.L.G have been in operation since 2006 as a totally voluntary registered organisation C.H.Y No 17864/20067304 rescuing abandoned dogs and cats in County Donegal and beyond.